Uri is a long-time member of OS. The gender of Uri is usually in question in a public setting. His or her location is also usually in question, but the generally he or she seems to be from Asia. Nevertheless, Uri is an outstanding and polarizing figure in the community. He or she can also do a bit of trolling periodically. Uri is in love with biryani, a dish of rice and meat. Uri, along with Syeda and Bunnies, love talking about hijras. They can talk about hijras 24/7, mashallah.

Bunnies thought 'hijra' was a garment of clothing for women. Uri was the one who corrected him. What a hijra really is is a shemale in Uri's language.

Uri also makes some people leave OS, to expand upon the 'polarizing' description. She insults people in a nice way, but doesn't get suspended.

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