Middle Eastern Lovin' Time or MELT, is a term created by none other than Taylor. It is a term used between Taylor and Shamil to denounce their happy times in engaging in sexual intercourse. Thus far, Taylor and Shamil have both said that they have MELT'd 69 times in a span of a few months..It is a well known fact that when the act of MELT is mentioned around Dan, that he will spontaneously get butthurt that it isn't directed towards him. This is most likely a direct result of his affection and sexual attraction for Shamil.

Taylor<3sRin: Shamil...

Shamil98: Yo

Taylor<3sRin: MELT time. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Shamil98: Let me fap first.

Dan815: AM I NOT INVITED??? AGAIN??? :( :( :( ;( T_T

Taylor<3sRin: Flutter off, Dan.

Shamil98: dat's my gurl!