M.D.Saxon, or Sexon, is a 15 year-old bisexual girl from OS. There has been much speculation about Sexon. She states she has been raped and molested in her bio, and that she has a "beautiful baby girl" as a result. Known for her "relationship" with goformit100, the Indian autist, spamming TC/Twiddla links and weird questions such as "who is bi", Sexon is the very inverse of a qt loser. Sexon has, upon many accounts, threatened to leave OS entirely, only to return from her exodus in a few minutes.

goformit100 has been in a very weird relationship with Sexon. We believe it is the cause of his spam shit over "respect". In a TC between Sexon and gfi100, the two spammed the same love messages. "I ♥ M.D.Sexon", "I ♥ goformit". Meanwhile, Bloop proceeded to strip on cam, to gfi100's disbelief.

Sexon acts strangely toward males. Sexon believed for a period of time that Kohai was a male, acting very sour to her. Upon acknowledging Kohai is a female, Sexon became nice toward her and apologized repeatedly.

Last, but most definitely not least, WHO ARE IS IN MY SUPPORT ??????????????????????????????????

Sexon's Speech

I love u God. i am 15 and a girl. i am mean cuz i was beaten bullied raped and molested. And I have a beautiful baby girl because of it. I am nice to ppl who r my friends and to ppl who r nice to me. Deep inside of my heart I am really nice, kind, friendly, and generous. ppl call me a hoe and i think its true at times. Some times i say things over and over again. Some times i say stuff to get attention. Also sometimes i can piss people off i am sorry if i do that. Sometimes i get a little to exited. So please give me one more chance to show u how I really act and who I really am. :)(: thats all.