Leaked footage of Kohai.

Hold on a minute I'm going to need something stronger than tea to listen to this bullshit!!!

Kohai is a moderately active member on OS. She spends most of her time on the site chatting with other users, however has occasional moods where she wants to do nothing but help kids cheat on their math homework.

She's a very polar person; either you love her or you hate her, no in-between exists. She doesn't sugar coat things; she can be cruel and harsh to people, however it's not something she will apologize for. Life won't apologize, why should she?

Kohai is very academic. She is currently taking two languages in school [Chinese (4 years) and German (2 years)], but has also dabbled in French, Spanish, and Japanese. She doesn't claim to speak a word of the latter three, though. She enjoys math and science courses [particularly physics and biology]. She is attending university in Pennsylvania and is studying pharmacy.

She will generally sit and listen to anyone who has wisdom to pass on, regardless of the topic. Even if said topic is something that completely bores her out of her mind, she feels obligated to sit up and pay attention to what is being lectured.

She is overall an easygoing person, however she does not tolerate bullshit excuses or childishness. She also cannot stand it when people gossips behind her back. If you have a problem with her, be up front about it.

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