Happytales (often nicknamed HT, "Little Mozart" or "Preskill") is considered to be the OS community's "player", musical composer and troll. Using his advanced theoretical knowledge, he twists the definition of trolling by adding intellectual elements to please his audience. He is also known to attract well over 98% of Openstudy's female population via his "sexy" looks and crazy personality. Due to his actions, he is commonly suspended and banned from OS, but normally re-enters with a user name starting with "happy". However, Happytales cannot be permanently banned from OS due to his Dynamic IP, which caused most moderators to give up on suspending him. Just recently, Happytales created a custom, self injected "Perl" Script that automatically injects massive amounts into the Openstudy database. As of July 14,2014, the administrators and moderators of Openstudy have officially declared surrender to Happytales' shenanigans. The moderators have all agreed that Happytales poses no immediate threat to OS and it's users, and have decided that no action shall be taken, as long as Happytales attempts to abide by the rules of the CoC. Some moderators are thought to be afraid of Happytales, as It is rumored that Happytales has previously launched a DDoS attack on moderator TKhunny. No hard evidence of the event has been recorded.

With a recorded IQ of 187 on the Stanford-Binet scale (172 with application of the "Flynn effect"), Happytales is deemed as a universal genius. However, due to his lack of maturity and extremely outgoing personality, he is without a doubt the stupidest motherfucker you will ever meet.

Happytales is also known to listen to some extremely gay music, such as selections from Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber. Some believe he's actually trolling when he shares his music,while some truly believe he's actually serious. The bottom line is, don't ask, don't tell.

Popular phrases include:

  • "Bach"
  • "Ooooo Kill Em!"
  • "bby"
220px-Bitches love ap
280px-Best troll I have ever seen