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An ambassador who met his fiancée through OS and makes love with the moderators on his days off. Famous for his boring (yet politically funny) comments, he is somewhat well-loved through-out the community. He works at Burger King and is Virtually half naked in his Facebook pictures.

Just recently, rumors have been spreading about how big Compassionate's dick actually is. While it is believed to be somewhere between 6-8 inches, many believe that he is from 2-3 inches, if not shorter. Interviews with Compassionate's lovers have taken place, but no comment was provided. Sigmund has not directly responded to the current speculation, but rather provided a sly comment: "Why don't you come and find out yourself".

He is often referred to as the most knowledgeable Ambassador on OS, but he is also the most lenient. Often telling users that if they're going to break the rules, do it privately. Compassionate is sometimes confusing and uses reverse physiology on trolls. Some speculate he may even be a troll himself.

Rather than interacting in chat, he posts song lyrics from nothing but James Blunt. Taylor<3sRin has been known to sing Bohemian Rhapsody and You're Beautiful consecutively in the English chat together. Compassionate is a long time 4Chan faggot because of the references he makes and responds to on OS.

''Compassionate to Luigi0210]

"I have demoted Luigi0210 to Moot."

"Le funneh maymays xDDDD"

He runs the Tumblr for OS and has filled it with cancer and jokes but surprisingly has gained a large fanbase. Compassionate never logs out of OS. His icon can sit idle for days straight without changing.

He has also been confirmed to be a gigantic fucking weeb.

Life 'n' times Edit

On November 15, 2014, he got robbed for like $11 or something like that.

No one was really believing him though, which was kinda funny.